There are a number of ways to interface a CRC cryocooler into your cryostat, depending on your experiment and cryostat design.

The picture on the right below shows a cryostat with a GM cooler mounted to one side and the CRC cryocooler mounted through the 4K plate. The pumps are in the 40K space, and the heads are in the 4K space with a radiation shield around them. In this configuration the pumps do not need their own radiation shield.

The picture on the left shows a cooler with a radiation shield around the pumps. This is required when the whole cooler is mounted within the 4K space, because the pumps reach temperatures of up to 50K when the cooler is running. This design would still need to be thermally and mechanically supported to the 4K plate. It is also possible to design a radiation shield of this kind that provides the mechanical support to the 4K plate, see the interfacing page for examples. Should you need a radiation shield you may opt to build this yourself, or ask us to supply one as part of your cryocooler. (Remember we need to quote for this, factoring in a day of design time).