Our most recent iteration of the mini-dilutor, tested on a powerful single-shot He7 precooler, achieved a base temperature of around 65mK. We are currently testing whether this dilution module will run satisfactorily with a continuous CC7 precooler. We hope that it will run at 100mK under at least 3µW of applied power. There should be around 100 to 200µW of additional cooling power at the still, at around 800mK or so. The complete mini-dilutor, with continuous CC7 pre-cooler, fits within a cylinder of diameter no more than 20cm, and between 25 and 30cm tall.

All of our products are full sealed and self-contained systems requiring only electrical inputs. There are no gas handling requirements or external reservoirs. A PTC or GM type 4K platform of 0.5W cooling capacity at 4K should be more than adequate to run the CC7 with mini-dilutor. Cool-down from room temperature will be faster with a larger GM/PT capacity, of course. The orientation-dependence of operation is a matter for future R&D effort. We have managed +/- 20 degrees or so, and hope to do better in future.