Please watch our videos online to understand how our coolers work.

Our continuous sub-Kelvin sorption coolers are designed to run from a PTC or GM type mechanical cryocooler. The continuous cooler has two sets of modules alongside a condenser module. A CC4 has two sets of GL4 modules, and a CC7 has two sets of GL7 modules. The continuous coolers work by alternating cycles i.e. each set of modules takes turns to cool the condenser module. While one set of modules is keeping the condenser module cold, the other side can be recycling and preparing to take over. This can fully automated so the coolers keep going, and going, and going….

A He4 system (CC4) will run under several hundred µW of load at around 1K or just below. Whereas, a He3 continuous cooler (CC7) will reach a base temperature of below 300mK, and can run under several hundred µW of load, although the run temperature does rise significantly as the load is increased.