Chase Research Cryogenics are delighted to be funding a QuantIC industrial PhD studentship to provide an exciting and rewarding training opportunity for a doctoral student to work at the cutting edge of cryogenics for quantum technologies.

This PhD project will be hosted by the Quantum Sensors group at the University of Glasgow, which is led by Professor Robert Hadfield and is the UK’s leading research group on superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs). These devices set the gold standard for low noise, high speed, high efficiency single photon detection in a broad spectrum of quantum technology applications. Key application areas include single photon LIDAR, ghost imaging and ground-to-space quantum communications. In QuantIC phase 2 Prof Hadfield is responsible for scaling up SNSPDs to large format arrays and extending photon counting performance from near to mid infrared wavelengths.

Our PhD student will develop innovative cryogenic systems for deployment in cutting edge quantum technology partners. The Studentship project strongly supports the scientific goals of QuanIC, providing new platforms for superconducting single-photon detector arrays. These devices offer the best available timing resolution, spectral range and signal-to-noise in infrared photon counting. This therefore is key enabling technology for seeing through obscuration, seeing with quantum entanglement and seeing at extreme wavelengths.

This project provides Chase Research Cryogenics with the exciting opportunity to be an active industrial partner in QuantIC. CRC is already a key supplier for international startups commercialising SNSPDs for quantum technologies (ID Quantique CH, PhotonSpot USA, Scontel RU, Photec China), and our involvement in QuantIC will help us to develop the UK market for our unique products.