About us

At Chase Research Cryogenics, we design and manufacture sub-Kelvin sorption coolers and heat switches for both the scientific and engineering communities.

With 30+ years experience, our growing in-house team of engineers and physicists work in partnership with both local and global business partners. Our customers’ applications include astrophysics, quantum technologies, nanotechnology, materials science and life sciences.

Custom Design and Build

All of our products can be adapted to suit your requirements.

With an emphasis on custom design, we are constantly working to innovate and extend our product range, offering new, low cost opportunities to function at sub-Kelvin temperatures. .

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing operation — or you need a complete cryogenic system for working at sub-Kelvin temperatures — we’re happy to help. In addition to our products, we work closely with several reputable cryogenics companies who can provide you with complete systems that incorporate our solutions.

30+ years at the cutting edge of cool

In 1993 Dr. Simon T. Chase started a small business enterprise, based in Sheffield and trading as ‘Chase Research’, to design and produce simple and reliable sub-Kelvin cryogenic coolers for the research market. Chase Research became incorporated as Chase Research Cryogenics Ltd. in January 2003. Today, Chase Research Cryogenics is continuing to innovate, improve and expand our product range. Our growing in-house team of engineers and physicists is working in partnership with both local and global business partners, bringing our unique products to new markets.

With a trusted network of partners and distributors, we’re able to share our research – and high-quality products – with the world.

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