The CC4 is a compact 1K continuous cooler that has been designed to be interfaced to a low-power GM cryocooler. The initial cool down time can be slow (approx. 24 hours) but this can be reduced by adding an optional heat switch, or by using a more powerful 4K cryocooler.

The CC4 has two helium 4 modules. Each 4-module works like a single-shot GL4 sorption cooler; the modules are cycled alternately to keep the central 1K-head permanently cold, i.e. the run time of the CC4 is unlimited when the CC4 is run under software control. The 1K-head temperature typically shows small fluctuations at the ‘handover’ between the two modules. However there are many possible optimisation schemes that the end user can employ to obtain the best possible performance for their own application. As a general rule, there is a trade-off between low temperature and temperature stability, i.e. lower fluctuations come at the cost of slightly higher average temperature.