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At Chase Research Cryogenics, we design and manufacture sub-Kelvin sorption coolers and heat switches for both the scientific and engineering communities.

With over 27 years’ experience, our growing in-house team of engineers and physicists work in partnership with both local and global business partners. Our customers’ applications include astrophysics, quantum technologies, nanotechnology, materials science and life sciences.

Single-shot sub-Kelvin sorption coolers

We design and build single-shot sorption coolers to meet your requirements: base temperatures from 0.1 to 1 Kelvin; hold times from 8 hours to 72 hours; heat lift capacities from 10 microwatts to 1 milliwatt. Our systems can be precooled either with liquid 4He or a mechanical GM/PT cryocooler.

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Continuous sorption coolers

We make two models – both with unlimited hold time. CC4 provides base temperature < 1K with cold stage heat lift up to 1mW. CC7 provides base temperature < 300mK with cold stage heat lift up to 20 microwatts. The CC7 can be used to pre-cool our unique Continuous Mini-Dilutor, base temperature <100mK.

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Gas-gap heat switches

We make heat switches in both standard and bespoke designs for rapid cool-down and thermal isolation. Active heat switches operate under user control. Passive switches operate automatically when they reach their ‘on’ and ‘off’ state temperatures.

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Product Range

Cool to below 1 Kelvin

Low-cost, easy to operate, reliable and effective. Our 1K sorption coolers interface to either a mechanical (GM/PT) cryocooler or the 4K plate of a ‘wet’ dewar. We can offer a number of interfacing options to accommodate a cold table housing the end-user application. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Cool to below 0.3 Kelvin

Gram per gram, Helium 3 is the world’s most expensive substance. CRC’s gas-light sub-Kelvin sorption coolers have been designed to make the best possible use of this scarce resource. As they are sealed systems, no helium gas is consumed during operation and our units never need to be recharged or re-filled.

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Cool to below 0.1 Kelvin

Cool to the max by using the latent heat of enthalpy produced as liquid Helium 3 dissolves in liquid Helium 4. Once again, our Continuous Miniature Dilution coolers are compact, sealed units that need no external gas supply and will never need to be refilled with expensive Helium 3.

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27+ years at the cutting edge of cool

In 1993 Dr. Simon T. Chase started a small business enterprise, based in Sheffield and trading as ‘Chase Research’, to design and produce simple and reliable sub-Kelvin cryogenic coolers for the research market. Chase Research became incorporated as Chase Research Cryogenics Ltd. in January 2003. Today, Chase Research Cryogenics is continuing to innovate, improve and expand our product range. Our growing in-house team of engineers and physicists is working in partnership with both local and global business partners, bringing our unique products to new markets.

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With a trusted network of partners and distributors, we’re able to share our research – and high-quality products – with the world.

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Custom Design and Build

All of our products can be adapted to suit your requirements.

With an emphasis on custom design, we are constantly working to innovate and extend our product range, offering new, low cost opportunities to function at sub-Kelvin temperatures. Our custom builds include sorption coolers that extend the base temperatures, heat lifts and run times achievable with compact, sorption technology to new limits. Contact us to discuss whether we can meet your requirements.

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