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Welcome to Chase Research Cryogenics
World leaders in sub-Kelvin cryocoolers

Chase Research Cryogenics designs, develops and markets advanced cryogenics systems for a wide and growing range of scientific and engineering fields. Current applications include astrophysics, quantum technologies, nanotechnology, materials science and biophotonics. 

Our main activity is the design and production of sub-Kelvin cryogenic coolers,  with a strong emphasis on custom design to individual specifications. Historically, most of our customers have come from the astronomical research community and our evaporation coolers (sorbtion coolers) have cooled the detector arrays of many groundbreaking experiments. Increasingly, our gas-light systems, which offer great affordability and usability, are finding new industrial and materials science applications.

We continue to innovate and extend our product range to offer new opportunities to work at ultra-low temperatures. Current developments include our CONTINUOUS closed-cycle cryocoolers, providing stable sub-kelvin temperatures for months at a time. Find out more about these ground-breaking products here

Do you have a CRC cryocooler in your laboratory that you no longer use? Our products contain valuable reusable and recyclable materials.  We may be able to recover and reuse, for example, the 3He gas from older cooler designs. If you are interested in discussing part-exchange of an older cryocooler that you no longer use, please get in touch.