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continuous 1k and sub-kelvin cryocoolers

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Chase Research Cryogenics, working with the Astronomy and Instrumentation Group at Cardiff University and QMCI Ltd, have developed a closed-cycle Helium 3 cooler system that runs automatically and continuously for months. The performance of this new continuous cooler is described in detail in the following open-access joint publication: Klemencic, G. M., et al. "A continuous dry 300 mK cooler for THz sensing applications." Review of Scientific Instruments 87.4 (2016): 045107 download paper here

The continuous cooler is capable of maintaining an unloaded base temperature of less than 300 mK continuously, without the need to recycle the gases within the final cold head, as is the case for conventional single shot pumped 3He cooling systems. The closed dry system uses only 5 litres of 3He gas, making it an economical alternative to traditional systems where a long hold time is required. During testing, a temperature of 365 mK was maintained with a constant 20 μW load, simulating the cooling requirement of a far infrared camera.

We are now developing a compact, 4He version of the continuous cooler to provide stable cooling to 1 degree Kelvin. We are also working with Cardiff University to develop a sample changer that will interface with our continuous coolers, and control instrumentation to allow completely automated operation.

Design for a compact continuous 1K cryocooler
Continuous cryocooler
Continuous cooler